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Due to Covid-19 we have canceled classes until 2021

Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is a soft form of internal boxing that has both martial and health benefits. Tai Chi is probably the most famous and widely practiced martial art world wide. 

The practice of Tai Chi can strengthen the body, improve balance, reduce tension, and increase overall health.

At Cloud Gate we offer Yang Style Tai Chi (Short Form). Tai Chi is an ongoing class that will consist of 15 minutes of qi gong and 30 minutes of Tai Chi instruction. Tai Chi instruction will consist of exercises that allow the body to move correctly.

Single movements are taught in a sequence to allow individuals to learn application and martial theory. Single movements are then brought together very slowly to allow one to connect mind, body, and sprit into form. 

Tai Chi 

Private Lessons:

Tai Chi - Level 1-2-3
One hour private lesson:
- Add a friend or family member for free.

Instructor: Josh Schneider 

Yang Style Tai Chi Level I:

No current classes available. 


Instructor: Josh Schneider

Note: This style of Tai Chi takes most individuals with no experience about 6 - 9 months of practice to learn the form.  

Please go to our online scheduling to make an appointment.

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