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Qi Gong

Qi gong is an ancient system of exercise that incorporates the natural process of breathing connected with intention of the mind and body. 

This ancient science of exercise has been used for thousands of years to promote heath and longevity.

We believe that by educating our patients in various methods of qi gong they can create more well-being and healing in their everyday lives. Our goal is not only to give our patients the tools for self-healing but also allow them to develop their own Qi gong practice over time.

"The best medicine in the world is inside your own body, all that is lacking is the practice
and refinement to make use of it."
~ Wang Ji Wu


From the The Spring and Autumn Annals

"The ways of water were broken and obstructed, so that the flow was bad from the very sources. For the same reason, when the breath or energy of the individual is congested and stagnant, the muscles and bones are contracted and don’t flex well. One therefore prescribes certain dances, which guide the breath and ensure that it moves throughout the body in a harmonious fashion."
- Translation from the third century B.C.


We offer single Qi gong exercises for specific needs as part of a treatment plan, Qi Gong classes, and private Qi Gong instruction.

Concentrating the Qi and achieving utmost suppleness,
you can become like a child.”
- Lao Zi

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