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Sunlighten 3-in-1 Sauna
A Near, Mid and Far Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna session can relax tight muscles, remove and flush toxins from within the body, increase circulation and heart rate which burns calories, and improve blood pressure. Infrared heat can also reduce inflammation and relieve pain. 

●     30-45 min session: $25.00
You must be a current patient (treatment within the past year).
Swimwear or workout clothing must be worn in the sauna at all times.

Sunlighten Sauna Health Benefits:

●     Sweat Out the Toxins
Sunlighten saunas, with the deepest infrared penetration, can help increase blood flow and perspiration. Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health by helping to eliminate toxic heavy metals, drug residues and hormone disruptors.

●     Boost the Immune System
Heating the body from inside can improve the function of the immune system just like fever can. Therefore, regular Sunlighten sauna use can help reduce the incidences of cold and flu, or even help you recover faster.

●     Enjoy Deep Tissue Relief
Infrared therapy can increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Sunlighten infrared saunas can best penetrate tissues to relieve aches and pain. Far-infrared sauna therapy has been shown to help with pain from fibromyalgia and autoimmune conditions, such as Sjogren’s, Behcet’s, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

●     Boost Metabolism & Lose Fat
Sunlighten’s specific near-infrared wavelength stimulates sluggish metabolism and improved fat burning for energy. Increasing core body heat can increase calorie burn, similar to exercise. Infrared saunas also help with the elimination of toxins that cause fat storage.

●     Reduce Stress
Enjoy the euphoria and relaxation from endorphin release, just like after exercising, sweating, or even meditating in the gentle radiant heat. The therapeutic heat will leave you refreshed providing relaxation to calm your mind.

●     Improve Heart Health
Infrared therapy can help your heart work better by exercising the heart, reducing blood sugar, and improving circulation. In addition, Sunlighten saunas have been clinically shown to reduce blood pressure.

●     A Passive Cardio Workout
The elevation in one's core body temperature from a Sunlighten sauna session produces an increase in blood flow that mirrors the benefits of a passive cardio workout. Increased circulation from infrared heat reduces inflammation, decreases pain and aids in muscle recovery.

●     Heal Wounds & Minimize Scarring

Sunlighten’s advanced Solocarbon Custom Spectrum heating technology has the unique ability to heal wounds faster and minimize scarring through the use of near infrared LEDs. No other sauna has this capability.

●     Slow Down & Reverse Aging
Heat-shock responses are like exercises that help your body function as new. In addition, stimulating your metabolism with Sunlighten’s near-infrared spectrum can improve skin renewal and slow down aging.

EMF Information
Not only are Sunlighten’s Solocarbon heaters the most effective infrared heater on the market, they are also the safest. Their proprietary heater design produces virtually NO EMF. Their exclusive manufacturing process allows us to cancel out EMF to levels that are virtually undetectable.
Sunlighten’s heaters have gone through comprehensive third-party testing to ensure safe levels of EMF. Electro Magnetic Fields are measured in milligauss (mG). Since there are no EMF safety standards set in the U.S., we have used the Swedish safety standard of 3 mG as the benchmark. When EMF levels are measured inside Sunlighten saunas around your seated position, EMF levels are virtually undetectable.
1st & Only: Solocarbon 3-in-1 Infrared
Solocarbon full spectrum infrared heaters are the only sauna heaters on the market that produce near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. Specific conditions are required to generate each wavelength, so Sunlighten’s 3-in-1 heaters include three distinct heating mechanisms. Other manufacturers may claim to provide full spectrum infrared, but their heaters simply don’t have the technical capability to deliver on that promise.
Patent US8737827B2

Materials Used
Every element of a Sunlighten sauna is designed with quality and safety in mind. Their saunas are made with 100% premium wood throughout the entire cabin – no hidden plywood is used.
Not only are their Solocarbon heaters proven 99% efficient, they contain a proprietary blend of FDA-approved materials and are heat-sealed to withstand temperatures above and beyond the operating temperature to ensure no unhealthy gases are released during heating. Plus, extensive third-party testing has been conducted to ensure all of their materials are safe and non-toxic

7 Wellness Programs:

●     Detoxification (37 min program)
The Mid and Far infrared start at a high intensity to increase the body’s core temperature then reduces to a low, comfortable intensity level. The MIR and FIR combination improves vascular access flow to reach toxins at the cellular level.
●     Anti-aging (30 min program)
A low constant intensity level of Near and Far infrared penetrates tissue to help with various skin concerns. NIR LEDs improve overall skin tone, elasticity and firmness promoting anti-aging benefits.
●     Weight-loss (30 min program)
Mid and Far infrared start at a high intensity to activate the cardiovascular system then reduces to a medium level. As the body works to cool itself, there is an increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate similar to exercise.
●     Relaxation (40 min program)
Far, Mid, and Near infrared induce deep relaxation as they relieve muscle tension at a low, comfortable setting, promoting overall stress reduction with regular use.
●     Cardiovascular (45 min program)
A blend of Near, Mid, and Far infrared starts at a high intensity to increase heart rate and cardiac output then lowers to sustain heart rate. Circulation increases to promote a healthy blood pressure
●     Pain relief (30 min program)
A Mid and Far infrared blend provides natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling while Near infrared LEDs penetrate the tissue to promote cellular repair at a medium, constant intensity.
·       Custom (30 min program)

Why Detoxify?

Detoxification can be helpful for people stuck in the following health challenges:

Chemical Exposure
Chronic Infections
Digestive Disorders
Heart Disease
Joint discomfort and overall pain
Low blood sugar
Mental Illness
Detox therapy is also useful for those suffering from immune system problems including chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental illness, chemical sensitivity, and fibromyalgia.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from some level of heavy metal poisoning or environmental toxin. With that in mind, detoxifying is a daily lifetime need.  

Sauna Contraindications

There are some real reasons not to sauna. Please make sure these do not apply to your condition before scheduling:


If you have any flu like symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath. Have been exposed to Covid-19 or may have been exposed, we ask that you do not use the Sauna at this time.


If you are using any medications, please check with in with provider, physician, or pharmacist to make sure your condition is appropriate for Infrared Sauna Therapy.

Cardiovascular Conditions

If you have a cardiovascular condition, please check with your physician before scheduling a sauna.


Contrary to popular belief, you should not sweat out a hangover. The increased heart rate with the alcohol may be problematic. Check back when you are sober and we can schedule a sauna then!


If you are pregnant, please check with your physician or midwife prior to scheduling a sauna.


Please be aware that heating your low back during your menses may increase your blood flow. It is safe, but please take the necessary precautions.


The magnets used to assemble the sauna can interrupt the pacing and inhibit the output of pacemakers. Please discuss this with your physician prior to making an appointment.


We ask that current smokers not use the sauna. While a sauna would be a great aid in detoxifying the body when stopping smoking, active smokers release tobacco odors, nicotine and tar which will damage the wood of the sauna and may cause allergic reactions in other clients.

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