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Jade Cienega

Intuitive Energy Healer -
Sound Healing, Reiki Master, Crystal Healing, Emotion Code


I enjoy helping people feel empowered and harmonious inside and out. Many ancient spiritual teachers have said that our bodies, hearts and minds are infinitely powerful, and science is now coming along to back up this ancient idea. Science is finding that our bodies can naturally heal when we are in a state of deep relaxation and harmony. In this state, we feel safe, and we are able to gently let go of our worries/past traumas.

However, for many of us, this state of deep relaxation can be difficult to achieve. Life throws curve balls at us and keeps us on our toes. Thus, we struggle to feel fully safe and at peace in our daily lives. This is where I am happy to help and assist my clients. I aim to educate and inspire my clients to live a more relaxed life by showing them relaxation techniques and offering them relaxing experiences.

In my sessions, my intention is to harmonize and relax the energy field of my client. I play soothing music with instruments that promote mental and physical relaxation. I also channel healing energies through my voice and hands. I also use techniques that encourage the release of stagnant energy. My goal is to provide a safe, peaceful space for my clients to relax and surrender to the wisdom of their bodies, hearts and minds. This peaceful state allows an opportunity for natural healing - mentally, emotionally and physically.

My healing sessions can also teach the client’s body/mind how to relax. Relaxation is a skill that can be practiced and honed if one wishes to live a more peaceful, calm and relaxed life. I see myself as a teacher, helping my clients to learn how to feel more peaceful within themselves.

I use multiple modalities and techniques to bring my clients into a cohesive, harmonious state. My hope is that after my clients experience sessions with me, they can begin to feel more relaxed, empowered, and harmonious in their daily lives. We all deserve to live a joyous, peaceful, fulfilling life no matter where we are or what we are doing.


Jade always believed that music had a spiritual aspect. She felt that it had the power to touch the soul and heal the heart. As she grew, so did her love for music. Jade began touring the US as a lead vocalist at the age of 10. And she has been honored to work with incredibly talented musicians and Grammy award winning artists for over 18 years.

Although her musical career was fun and exciting, like many teens, Jade often felt immense anxiety and pressure to succeed academically and in all other areas of her life. As a result, Jade struggled with chronic health issues as well as overwhelming anxiety and depression throughout her childhood/early adulthood. After Jade graduated with her business degree from Texas A&M University in 2015, her health continued to decline. She felt lost and was not sure where to turn.

She decided to move to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing a music career. However, once she settled into her LA apartment, she felt called to practice yoga, meditation, and energy healing at a nearby healing center. Jade immediately fell in love with the healing arts and began studying with different teachers. Soon, Jade was teaching her own classes. Her love of art and healing eventually blossomed into a beautiful flower of music and energy healing, and she feels that her childhood spiritual experiences with music as well as her mainstream musical career have helped to shape her sound/energy healing techniques that she practices today.

Since 2015, she has conducted several hundred group healings as well as hundreds of individual sessions. Jade has regularly performed sound healing and energy healing group classes at yoga studios, wellness centers, drug rehab centers and cancer support centers in Los Angeles. In all cases, the healing classes were used as a tool to increase relaxation and reduce stress. In 2018, Jade became a Reiki Master/Teacher at the school of Reiki for LYFE under Jennifer Lakhmi Chand, Debbie Hawksworth, and Donna Martley. Jade is also an Emotion Code practitioner under Dr. Bradley Nelson's healing program.

Jade loves discovering connections between the science of sound vibration, energy healing and the human body. Jade now feels blessed to say that her physical body is completely healthy, and her mental/emotional state is wonderful. She is happy to be a spiritual, healing guide for others, and she is honored to share her gifts of music and energy healing with anyone who is open to experience the healing arts.

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