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Invest in Your Health: Focus on Prevention

by Gretchen Belenchia

Invest in Your Health: Focus on Prevention, Cloud Gate Acupuncture and Healing Arts in Broomfield, ColoradoMany of us make resolutions or intentions for the New Year, and many of these resolutions may involve our health such as eating better, exercising more, getting more sleep, etc.

The focus on health resolutions may even be a bit heightened this year because of the shifts regarding health insurance coverage.

While it is great that more people will have access to health insurance, universal health insurance does not guarantee good health. Health insurance is a direct investment in your healthcare and an indirect investment in your actual health. Having health insurance may indeed give you access to better healthcare, but it will not necessarily make you healthier.

That is why you should actively invest in your health everyday.

How do you actively invest in your health? By recognizing the compound effect of your daily choices and then making healthier decisions for yourself – each and every day. Daily choices include diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, and how you handle daily stressors including job, family, finances, etc.

Begin making better choices by focusing on the positive. What healthful foods do you want to add to your diet? What exercise classes would you like to explore this month? How can I learn to handle my stress levels better?

There is so much information and resources out there to help you get motivated or keep you on the right path to maintain health. Start exploring your options!

It’s your life – it’s your health – and you’re responsible for taking care of yourself.

Active Eating

Cloud Gate offers Acupuncture in Broomfield, ColoradoDon’t check out when you eat. Be an active eater by paying attention to what you are putting in your body. Read the ingredients on processed food. Pay attention to how your body feels after you eat certain foods.

If you need help with your diet, seek out the advice of a Certified Nutritionist. I recently met with Jen Marshall, MNT, a certified nutritionist at the Louisville Wellness Center in Louisville, Colorado, to get her view of diet and nutrition.

I really resonated with Jen’s approach to diet and nutrition and was impressed with her background and knowledge of this complex subject as well as her treatment approach for her clients - she develops personalized diet and lifestyle plans for each client based on his or her unique body and current goals.

Life is Movement

Cloud Gate Acupuncture and Healing Arts in Broomfield, ColoradoIf you’re interested in new exercise options, there are all sorts of resources out there! You are sure to find something that excites you. Whether your goal is to find something relaxing or more active – the option is out there!

Here at Cloud Gate, we offer many class options for a more relaxing and health-building experience including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Hatha Yoga.

For a more active experience, I recommend checking out Mountain Girl Fitness in Broomfield, Colorado. I recently completed a 4 – week session at Mountain Girl Fitness. It’s a women’s only bootcamp-styled class that really gives your heart and spirit a boost in the morning! The owner and trainer is Amy Young, an enthusiastic and inspirational motivator (even at 6:15 in the morning!).

Listen to Your Body

A major aspect of focusing on prevention is listening to your body.
Chinese Medicine shines in preventative care.

Invest in Your Health: Focus on Prevention, Cloud Gate Acupuncture and Healing Arts in Broomfield, ColoradoSome of our patients include Chinese Medicine wellness treatments in their monthly budget because they would rather spend their money on preventative care verses reactive care.

Some of us may not have that luxury, but all of us are capable of listening to our bodies and making healthier choices.

Focus on prevention by investing in your health every day.
Take an active part in your health: eat healthier, move more, listen to your body. Start investing in your health today.