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It’s Cold and Flu Season – Chinese Medicine can Help

by Gretchen Belenchia

It’s that time of year again - many of us are running around and trying to balance holiday social engagements, work duties, and family time. We’re so busy being busy that we haven’t checked in with ourselves to see how run-down we actually may be during this time of lower winter energy.

And then it hits us – our body finally makes us slow down because we have ‘caught’ a cold or the flu.

Catching a cold of the flu indicates that our bodies are out of balance and trying to tell us something. We talk a lot about balance in Chinese Medicine. This time of year is a perfect example of needing to stay balanced.

If you are one of those people that emerges from your house and interacts with the world or public in any sort of way, then you are constantly being exposed to pathogens: germs, viruses, bacteria, ect. 

Letting ourselves get run-down energetically and physically can tip the balance scales to the side of the pathogen, and since we are weaker, it can take us longer to fight off a cold or flu.

But if you take care of yourself, listen to your body, and rest when you are feeling tired or run-down, you are less likely to catch a cold or the flu - and the time that you are sick is significantly shorter than if you were run-down when you became ill.

Chinese Medicine can help during all of the stages of a cold or flu: beginning, middle and end. And there’s even a pre-stage. This is the stage when you are feeling fatigued or run-down but not yet sick. This stage is a perfect time to visit your Chinese Medicine provider for a tune-up to help prevent catching a cold or the flu in the first place.

But if you skipped the prevention part, don’t worry - Chinese Medicine can still help you head off the cold or flu, shorten the time that you are sick, and recover from being sick more quickly.

The Beginning

Most of us are familiar with our body’s symptoms that tell us we are getting a cold. Generally, these are the signs that most of us ignore: a slight tickle to our throat, a particular headache that we get only before a cold, slight runny nose, feeling unusually cold, ect.

By the following day, we may be in full-blown cold mode: chills, fever, sore throat, achiness, headache, sneezing, running nose, congestion – and all of the other well-known symptoms that go along with having a cold.

If you can, come that first day when you’re still trying to ignore those less obvious symptoms. If you are able to come in for a Chinese Medicine treatment quickly, you increase your chances of not developing that full-blown cold or flu.

The Middle

You’ve dug in your heels: you’re determined to fight it off with over-the-counter medications, lots of lots of tissues and some daytime TV. You may still try to go back to work, but you know you’re operating at about 50%, if that. Sometimes you have to no choice but to push through it. That is our work culture, unfortunately.

But if you are into your second week of this cold business, and it’s still not going away, Chinese Medicine can help. You are not alone. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will work to drive out the pathogen while boosting your body’s energy to help you finally fight off the pathogen.

The End

You’ve finally kicked it. You are beginning to feel better, but feel like your recovery time is longer than you would like it to be, especially if you’ve had a cold or the flu for a few weeks. Here, too, Chinese Medicine treatments can speed up your recovery time and help to prevent a recurrence of a cold or the flu.

Don’t let a cold or the flu prevent you from spending time with your friends and family during this holiday season. If you’re feeling run-down or exhausted, go see your Chinese Medicine provider.

We are here to help you stay healthy during the cold and flu season. If you can’t seem to get rid of a cold or the flu, make an appointment. We can help you shorten your time with a cold and help you recover from the cold or the flu more quickly.

From all of us here at Cloud Gate we wish you
a very healthy and a very merry holiday season!